How to Order

To order bales of soft toys from Toybox, you can either call our phone number or message us on WhatsApp. When placing your order, be sure to provide the details of the type and quantity of bales you would like to purchase. Additionally, you should specify your preferred payment method and delivery options. Toybox will provide you with the total cost of your order and arrange for payment and shipping. It's always a good idea to confirm all the details of your order, including the delivery address and expected arrival date, to ensure a smooth transaction.

Price per KG: R57

Total price: R570

Estimated pricing, shipping not included

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Price List

If you're considering purchasing bales from us, we encourage you to check out our price list to see how we price the bales we sell. Our price list provides transparent and detailed information on the cost of each bale by weight, helping you make an informed decision based on your needs and budget. By checking our price list, you'll be able to compare prices and select the most cost-effective option for your requirements. We take pride in offering fair and competitive prices, and we're confident that you'll find value in our products. So take a moment to explore our price list and see how we can meet your needs at a reasonable cost.