Glossary Of Terms


Toybox: This is the trading name of our company. Usually a container within which you keep/store the children’s toys.

Soft Toys: a children's toy, typically a toy animal, made of fabric stuffed with a soft filling.

Hard Toys: a children’s toy, like a car or doll, typically made from hard plastics

Bale: a large wrapped or bound bundle of various soft toys available in various weights and sizes.

Buy to resell: Option to buy a bale of various weights to resell to make your own cash.

Multi-use: Toys that can be used by an individual, in a group of children, or for resell, charity donations, use in toy vending machines as prizes etc

Pre-loved: Refers to second hand toys that other children have outgrown and decided to pass along for another child to enjoy.

Black Friday: a period in November where retailers hold sales with enormous discounts for their customers. Originated because accountants use black to signify profits when recording the days taking and red indicates a loss. The day became known as Black Friday as retailers see positive earnings and profits while customers benefit.