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How long does it take for delivery of my order?

Your bale order can take up to 7-10 working days to be delivered.

How much is the delivery cost?

Delivery cost is worked out per bale, by weight and destination.

Can I pick and choose the items in the bale?

No, the standard bales are already packed when received from our international suppliers and sold to our customers as is.

Can I exchange or refund bales?

No exchanges. No refunds allowed. As we trade in second hand goods.

What are your trading hours?

We have set trading hours throughout the year. They are: Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00, Saturday 8:00 - 15:00, Sunday 8:00 - 13:00 and Public holidays 8:00 - 13:00.

What is the physical address of the store?

Toybox is located at 87 Princess Avenue, Benoni, Gauteng.

How much does a bale weigh?

Bales have different weights from 2kg up to 50kg.

How many pieces are in a bale?

There are different quantities of soft toys per bale. Each bale has a mixture of sizes and weights.

Can I buy a half bale?

No. Bales are prepacked overseas and sold as is as per the wholesale price list.

How do I order my bale/s?

You are welcome to visit the store and make your bale purchase direct. Or make your purchase using our online store and pay via Payflex. Or call the store and speak to store manager on duty and they will help you choose the correct bale and advise on payment and delivery. Stock availability will be confirmed. An invoice will be issued on confirmation of order, delivery arrangements and receipt of payment.

Are the bales made up of the bad quality toys that don't sell in the store?

No. Our bales come directly from the overseas supplier as is. We do not open or create the bales ourselves.

Can I buy large quantities of the exact same toy?

No. The soft toys are all different, one-of-a kind items. All bales contain a variety of different characters, sizes and colours.

Can i get the bales and then pay after?

No. Bales will only be released once payment has been confirmed and cleared in our account.

How do I check my delivery?

Once your order has been booked for delivery you will receive a tracking number via SMS from our delivery partner BIGFOOT. There will be a link in the SMS to track your delivery online on the BIGFOOT website. If you need help call the Toybox on 062 621 5628 with your tracking number for asssitance.