Wholesaler deal on 100kg Bulk Bale of gently used , excellent quality, soft toys imported from Europe.

Wholesaler deal on 100kg Bulk Bale of gently used , excellent quality, soft toys imported from Europe.

If there is one product that will always sell, no matter how difficult times are, it will be children’s toys.


Amongst the most popular children’s toys are soft toys, which are suitable for both boys and girls. Soft toys provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for kids and each child should have at least one soft toy.


The Soft Toy Box sells 100kg bulk bales of gently used soft toys that you can purchase and then sell on to your own customer. This makes it the perfect business if you are tired of working for a low salary for an unreasonable boss or you need to make some extra cash.


Do you know that you can place your order with one of our sales assistants and we can deliver anywhere in the country?

Whether you are located in Limpopo, the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, or anywhere else in South Africa, The Soft Toy Box can deliver a bale of soft toys directly to your door!


We have stores in Gauteng, so if you live in Johannesburg or in Pretoria, you could also visit us and browse our popular selection of soft toy bales.


With rising unemployment, this is a great opportunity to start a small business selling soft toys.

Here at The Soft Toy Box, we know that the past year has been incredibly difficult for most South Africans. We also know that many people have lost their jobs or become retrenched.


If this is you, don’t worry! We can help you start your own small business by selling soft toys.


Once you’ve bought your first bale of toys, you can sell your stock at an informal market, by going to busy office parks or even from your own home.


Marketing your soft toy business is fun and easy and can be done by sending SMSs to everyone you know, spreading the word in your local community and posting in local Facebook groups.


Buy in Bulk for resale.

The toys in our bales are gently used and of excellent quality. Because you’ll be buying in bulk, the unit price for each toy will be quite low.


This gives you the chance to add a healthy mark-up and earn a decent living.


Within in each bale, you will find a wonderful range of different kinds of soft toys. This means that there will be a soft toy to suit every child and they should sell quite quickly.


Soon, you will be purchasing your next bale of soft toys, growing your business and the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do this sooner!


100kg Bale @R45 per kg = R4500.

So, are you ready to take your life to the next level and be in control of your own small business?


If so, take advantage of our great price of only R4500 for a massive 100kg bale of soft toys!


Don’t have the R4500 at the moment? Why not consider splitting the cost with a few friends and going into business together? That way, you will sell the toys much quicker and get the small business off its feet in next to no time!


Order your first bale online or visit us in store!

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