The Toybox supplier of high-quality, imported soft toys

The Toybox supplier of high-quality, imported soft toys

Fashion trends may come and go, but soft toys will always be popular with kids, regardless of their age and interests.


This makes re-selling bulk soft toys a very viable business as you will always have eager customers.


The Toybox is the perfect place to source bulk soft toys as our products are top quality, only gently used, and imported.


When you buy in bulk from us, you will have a wide range of soft toys in various colours, forms and variations.


We offer very attractive prices for bulk buying, leaving you with plenty of wiggle room to make a healthy profit and grow your business.


These gently used soft toys are packed in bulk ready for transportation and are also available to buy individually per kg from our retail shop in Benoni.

Are you ready to take your selling business to the next level? If so, visit us online and order your first bulk order of soft toys today!


We offer delivery throughout South Africa, meaning you could your stock within days and conveniently delivered to your home.


Not sure if selling soft toys is right for you? Why not visit us in our Benoni store and take a look at the soft toys you could be selling?


If you want to start small, you can buy a bale of soft toys by the kilogram and test the waters.


Are you a bulk buyer, always looking for the best deal?

Bulk buyers have the opportunity of making a lot of money with their own business if they play their cards right.


This means finding a good supplier who offers great quality products at low prices. In this case, The Toybox is your best bet if you want to buy soft toys in bulk.


Top Tips on getting the best deal.


  1. Research online – There really aren’t many other options for buying used soft toys in bulk like we offer.

We always recommend doing research before committing to buying stock so that you don’t make a costly mistake.

When it comes to selling soft toys, you won’t find another supplier in South Africa that offers you the option of buying in bulk with low prices and premium quality.

  1. Do a price check – possibly look at new vs used prices to get an idea of the pricing in the market.

Once you have purchased your toys, you’ll need to price them correctly so that you attract customers but also make a good profit.

This can be a bit tricky, but we advise doing a price check to see what other businesses price their soft toys at.

Retails stores normally have high toy prices, while informal businesses can be cheaper.

  1. Talk to a sales specialist – there is a team available at the shop or at the Coat Corner in Kempton Park or Springs as well as Overcoats in Benoni.

If you are just starting your soft toy business, you’ll need all the help and advice you can get.

Feel free to visit our Kempton Park or Benoni store and chat to one of our friendly sales specialists.

They can give you excellent advice on what could sell well, and how much to buy to start your business.

  1. Ask if there are any items on promotion – it may just be your lucky day and you find a special deal available in-store.

Here at The Toybox, we have regular flash sales and deals for our valued customers.


We recommend checking our website often, and/or visiting us in store every now and then as you never know when we have items on special. 


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