The Teddy Bear: The Gift That Keep on Giving

The Teddy Bear: The Gift That Keep on Giving

Did you know that the teddy bear has been a favourite childhood toy for hundreds of years?

Boys and girls alike have always loved its kind face, soft body and ability to join in with any game.

Here at the Toybox, we are paying homage to the humble teddy bear with our extensive range in our popular Benoni store.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the child that has everything, or you want to spoil some children in a local orphanage with some teddy bears, look no further than the Toybox!

We have a huge selection of gently used soft toys that include not only teddy bears, but also other popular toys for kids of all ages.

Buy your soft toys in bulk and pay per kilogram.

The Toybox sells premium quality soft toys that have been imported. These toys have been made to last and won’t fall apart after a few uses, as is the case with some cheap toy manufacturers.

We also sell our soft toys in bulk and our customers can pay per kilogram.

Buying soft toys is a great idea. Not only is it extremely cost-effective but you get many individual items that you can give as gifts to friends, loved ones and your kids.

The gift of giving with the Toybox.

So, why not get into the festive spirit and get your Christmas shopping sorted with the Toybox?

When you buy soft toys in bulk, you get wonderful variety, meaning there will be a soft toy to suit all tastes and ages.

A teddy selected at the Toybox may just be the best buy you ever made if you happen to find a collector’s item

Many people wonder how they can tell if a teddy is a collector’s item.

Well, the first step is to check if you can find a label to determine the manufacturer. Popular collector’s item labels for teddies include Joy Toys, Steiff, Chiltern and Ideal.

The fur is another important aspect. Vintage teddy bears that have mohair, sheepskin or silk plush are typically older models and worth a lot of money.

Don’t forget to try and figure out what kind of stuffing is in the bear. Wool and kapok were often traditionally used to stuff soft toys and if yours has similar stuffing, it may be a collector’s item.

Of course, you can very often tell a collector’s item simply by looking at the teddy bear.

For example, if the teddy has a pointed snout with long legs, it’s a good sign!

Collector’s item teddy bears often also have leather or wooden eyes. Glass eyes in shades of amber, black or brown are also indicative of a collector’s item.

If you are unsure, you could always contact a teddy bear collector and have your toy appraised.

You never know until you try so come and visit the Toybox to start your collection!

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