Resellers are buying gently-used soft toys in bulk to make an honest living.

Resellers are buying gently-used soft toys in bulk to make an honest living.



There is no doubt about it that the South African economy is struggling at the moment. Many hardworking people have lost their jobs and making ends meet is incredibly challenging.


Thankfully, there is hope on the horizon with The Soft Toy Box!


The Soft Toy Box is a South African company that understands the unique struggles of South Africans and is one of the only organisations to actually do something about it!


By giving South Africans the opportunity to start their own, successful business with only a small investment, The Soft Toy Box is empowering individuals and growing a new generation of budding entrepreneurs.


Interested? Read more to find out how you, too, can be part of The Soft Toy Box small business movement.


An unlikely but rewarding opportunity for unemployed South Africans to start making some cash selling gently-used soft toys.

You could be forgiven for thinking that The Soft Toy Box’s opportunity is too good to be true. Many of us have fallen victim to pyramid schemes and scammers.


However, with The Soft Toy Box, what you see is what you get, and our small business opportunity is simple:


  1. Visit us at our East Rand store and buy a bulk bale of premium quality, and gently used soft toys to resell (that’s where the investment comes in).
  2. Sell your teddy bears and soft toys anywhere you want but remember to price them so that you earn a nice profit.
  3. Buy another bale and continue earning a living by doing things YOUR way and setting your own hours.


It really is as easy as this!


Don’t have the money right now to buy your first bale? We recommend going into business with a partner or two and then splitting the cost of the bale. Having a partner has the added benefit of allowing you to sell your products faster, and you’ll soon be ready to branch out.


If you don’t live in Johannesburg or it’s difficult for you to get to the East Rand, don’t worry! You can order a bale of soft toys online and have it delivered to your door! The Soft Toy Box ships throughout South Africa.


100 kilograms of soft toys are a lot of toys in a bulk bag to get your small business started.

Your initial investment in a bale of soft toys gives you a whopping 100 kilograms of soft toys!

In your bale, you’ll have a great variety of toys, and toys that will appeal to all kids.

Selling soft toys is also a safe option as children always love classic soft toys.

However, soft toys also make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and more, giving you even more scope with which to market your products.

Most of our small business owners sell soft toys to neighbours, family and friends. However, many often set up informal trading stands in their local community, or visit office parks during the day to sell to office workers.

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