Key Rings Size Teddies and Characters for Games Arcade Machines Available From Soft Toy Box.

Key Rings Size Teddies and Characters for Games Arcade Machines Available From Soft Toy Box.

Looking for the perfect gift for your kids this Christmas? Or perhaps you want to bless a local orphanage with the gift of teddy bears?


Either way, The Soft Toy Box is your one stop shop for all your soft toy needs.


We are located on Gauteng’s East Rand where we have a spacious and modern store. Our customers are invited to browse our range of soft toys in store or, if you are not in the Johannesburg area, you can shop conveniently online.


Our soft toys (which consist of teddy bears, cheerful toy animals and other popular kids’ soft toys) can be sold in bulk per kg. This allows you to save money and shop for all the kids in your life at once.


If you are buying teddy bears and soft toys for charity, did you know that your purchase will be tax deductible? This is even more reason to put a smile on the faces of children this Christmas!


Entrepreneurs and small businesses are always looking for new opportunities from Soft Toy Box.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of financial hardship and South Africa is no exception.


If you have lost your job or you are struggling to pay the bills, don’t worry!


The Soft Toy Box understands and we are giving customers the opportunity to start their own businesses. There are no hidden fees, no terms and conditions and no complications.


All you need to do is purchase one of our reasonably-priced soft toy bales and then sell them onto your own customers. It’s as easy as that!


Very soon, you will probably find that your first bale has sold out but, in addition to your profits, you will have the cash for a new one.


This is an excellent way to work for yourself without having to report to an unreasonable boss or work long, hard hours.


With your own bale business, you choose your own hours and how you operate your business.


Whether you sell your stock to neighbours in your local community, relatives or friends, it’s entirely up you!


Marketing your business is also quite easy. You could send out bulk SMSs, Whatsapp messages or emails to everyone you know. Some business owners print leaflets to hand out, while others prefer to rely on word of mouth.


If you are interested in starting your own bale business, come and visit The Soft Toy Box on the East Rand. One of our helpful sales assistants can help you with everything you need and you’ll be up and running before you know it.


The smallest keyring size character to the biggest teddy you can think of, we’ve seen them all at the Soft Toy Box


In addition to the popular teddy bears and soft toys we sell, we also have a range of key ring size teddies and other characters.


These are incredibly popular with children at the moment and can be conveniently taken to school and attached to your child’s backpack. 


Your kids will also love our characters for games arcade machines!

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