Imported Second-Hand Soft Toys Creating Opportunities For Small Businesses & Independent Traders

Imported Second-Hand Soft Toys Creating Opportunities For Small Businesses & Independent Traders

You may already be aware that The Overcoat Importer provides great business opportunities to South Africans by giving them the opportunity to buy bales of premium quality jackets from Europe. 

However, did you know that we also sell bales of high quality, premium grade and gently used soft toys? 

This means that if you are looking for an enjoyable way to earn some extra cash or you really want to start your own business, this is the perfect opportunity! 


Start selling used soft toys immediately by choosing what you want and pay per kilogram or buy in bulk.

All you need to do to start your own business is to buy one (or more) of our bales of soft toys. 

You can then immediately start reselling these popular toys to anyone you want! 

In addition, if you visit our shop in Benoni we give you the option of choosing the individual soft toys you want and those you think will sell. You choose from the open display bins or from the shelves and you can pay per kilogram. 

One of the best advantages to selling soft toys is that there will always be a market for them. Everyone loves soft toys, and they can even be bought as gifts for expectant mothers, or for boyfriends/girlfriends as a token of their love for each other. 

Soft toys can be sold in your local community or wherever you want. You can advertise your business through word of mouth, via SMS, paper pamphlets or by advertising on local Facebook groups. 

You might also want to consider cold calling at office parks during the week and walking through busy areas over the weekend. Of course, you could always sell your stock directly from your home - the choice is yours! 

When you work out the unit price of each soft toy (by taking the total price paid and dividing it by the number of soft toys), you will notice that the unit cost price is quite low. Thereafter, you can add on your profit and decide what your selling price will be. 

The Overcoat Importer recommends setting a price that is still quite reasonable, but one that gives you a nice profit. 

If you feel uncertain about starting your soft toy business on your own, you could always go into partnership with a friend or family member that you trust. Having a business partner can also help you with the initial cost of the bale and can make the selling process much more fun! 

Once you start selling your first soft toys, you will have such a sense of pride and achievement and you will want to expand your business by selling more. 


Buy one or buy in bulk per kilogram to resell - bulk orders can be delivered nationally.

So, where can you get hold of a soft toy bale? Well, they are available at our popular store based at 87 Princes Avenue, Benoni CBD. Should you not be able to get to this store, the bales can be sent to our Kempton Park or Springs Coat Corner stores for collection.

Don’t worry if you can’t get to a store or you don’t live in Gauteng because you can order your bales from one of our sales specialists or directly from the shop 062 621 5628. All you need to do is visit and make your selection and let us know what you have decided. We deliver nationally at very good delivery prices, giving the whole of South Africa the opportunity to start their very own business. 

Our wholesale pre-packed 10kg bag of soft toys for only R380 is the best deal on our new price list, out now!

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