How do I start a soft toy business?

How do I start a soft toy business?

Are you sick and tired of being short on cash, being underpaid at work, and want to become your own boss? 

Did you know the Toybox makes it possible for the average South African to start their own business? By investing in a bulk bale of gently used, European-quality soft toys at a great price, you can sell the individual pieces on to your customers! 


What are the pros and cons of reselling soft toys?

So, is it worth starting your own soft toy reselling business? We will discuss the pros and cons below: 


The Pro’s:

  • Low start-up investment. For only a small investment, you already have everything you need to get your business up and running! The only thing missing is your enthusiasm! 
  • The constant demand for the product. One thing that never goes out of fashion is the good old, teddy bear and soft toy! It will always be a favourite with boys and girls. 
  • Diverse market. The soft toy market is extensive, and there is a demand for soft toys in a neighbourhood, community or office. From the new mom wanting a special toy for her newborn, to the young person wanting to spoil his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, you have no shortage of customers! 
  • It is a relatively new concept in South Africa, so there is lots of opportunity. Not many people are involved in reselling soft toys so make sure that you set the tone! 
  • It is an opportunity to make cash fast. After investing in a bulk bale of soft toys, you can sell them as quickly as you like to make cash! Fast-selling ideas include an informal marketplace at a busy intersection in your community or a pop-up store during the weekend at your local market or on commuter routes. 


The Cons:

  • Keeping up with the constant demand of most popular items like teddies and cartoon characters. As your business gets up and running, you may get special demands for unique toys that you can’t fulfil. 
  • Seasonal stock availability. Stock may sometimes be limited, making it important to buy bales whenever you can.
  • Limited source of supply locally. Toybox is committed to always having extensive stock available but you may need to wait at times.
  • Quality control, Cleanliness and Hygiene. It can be time-consuming ensuring that each piece meets your high standards. 
  • Diverse market . It can take a while to learn what your customers need from you. 


Where can I get my soft toy products from?

You can buy a bale of soft toys from Toybox directly. We have a convenient store that is located in Benoni CBD on the East Rand. 

It’s easily accessible, offers plenty of parking and is close to the main commuter routes. 

If you can’t get to our store, don’t worry! Contact our Store Manager directly on 062 621 5628 who will gladly assist you with your requirements and delivery options!  We deliver throughout South Africa, and you could have your soft toy bale within a few days! 


How can I start an online toy store and is it a good idea?

In our experience, we have found that direct sales of soft toys works incredibly well. However, the recent pandemic has taught us that online platforms can also be highly effective. 

Starting an online store is actually quite easy! If you don’t have a website yet, you can sell your goods on online platforms such as Facebook, Gumtree, and Bid or Buy. This gives you convenient access to millions of more customers, and can help you achieve your sales goals sooner. 

We recommend a good balance between online and in-person sales, though, so that you can reap the most benefit.

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