Are you getting the most out of your bulk purchase of a bale of gently used Toys ?

Are you getting the most out of your bulk purchase of a bale of gently used Toys ?

The toy manufacturing and supplying industry is sure to be around for the next few years, this is way the industry is one to invest in. In this article we focus on how you can get the most out of your bulk soft toy purchase from the Toy Box.


Do you know how to make money from selling gently used soft toys?


By purchasing an affordable bale of soft toys from Toy Box, a wholesaler of international gentle used soft toys, you can quick and easily establish your very own source of income. Become a reseller of quality toys that can be sold within your neighbourhood and community or online. Choose from hundreds of gently used toys in an array of colours, shapes, and sizes!


Get word of your toy reselling business out there by means of social media groups and posts, getting friends and family members to spread the word or by handing out pamphlets within your community.


The first step to getting started is by visiting us in-store at any one of our stores based in Kempton Park, Springs or Benoni.  Should you reside outside of Gauteng, all you have to do is get in touch with one of our stores and a friendly sales specialist will ensure you receive quality assistance and arrange delivery of your order, available nationwide.


Should you opt to visiting one of our popular stores within Gauteng, all you have to do to get started is make a selection of the toys you’d like to purchase, and our friendly staff will assist you in weighing your selection. Once you’ve made your selection you will be presented with a quote on your toy package and then it’s time to head home and start making money!


Top tips of what to do when your bale of soft toys arrives:

Once you’ve received your bulk bale soft toy order from the Toy Box store, we have compiled a list of tips you could make use of:

  1. Unpack onto a clean surface.
  2. Sort all the items into categories by size, by type or by market opportunity – who you going to sell them too.
  3. Check for any damages – clean and repair if necessary. Remember they are second-hand so there may be some wear and tear.
  4. Make sure each item is as best as it can be for you to get the best possible price.
  5. Price your toys to sell at reasonable prices, the soft toys cannot be priced as high as new toys and not too low as you will need to generate profit.
  6. Once you have properly planned out your business strategy – it’s time to start selling.
  7. Start making your own cash with soft toys from Toy Box and be sure to donate any extras toys when you can.


Let your reselling story begin… with a soft toy - it always ends in a smile!

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